Art Ranger World Hip Hop Art Competition - The "Bling Society"

Honestly folks, buzz behind the Art Ranger World Hip Hop Art Competition, at least at the regional level, has been pretty cool. It's also been pretty intense when it comes to putting all the parts together. I guess that's because we're in the middle of launching several important aspects of Superstarcase simultaneously. "It' cool bro'", as I'm always reminded that Rome wasn't built in a day (by the way, what's with contractions and Spellcheck?). Yeah right, tell that to those "starvin' artists out there" clinging to the hopes of having a really cool place that'll help them get their artworks recognized and set them on their way to "stardom, fame and fortune". The Art Ranger competition promises to be something of a surprise, especially when it comes to the idea of expert, well established competitions. The focus of attention for this competition is to give many Hip Hop Artists the opportunity to display their works to a Hip hop community world wide. Hip Hop is a world cultural event of great and important significance. It should be afforded the well deserved respect it has earned as a powerful, societal medium of creativity and change. As 2008 comes to a close, it is incumbent on the elder statesmen of Hip Hop to help provide an up and coming generation with opportunities that never existed for them if the genre and society are to survive and flourish. Having such a prolific artist like Ingar Aasen (The Art Ranger 107) take such a deep interest in the "Bling Society" only serves notice to the rest of the art community and society itself that Hip Hop is here to stay, unlike the belief that "it is only a passing fad"(observations once used to explain away the popularity of Rock & Roll, Beethoven, Bach and any other such cultural upheaval). Actually, maybe "fad" wasn't the word they used in Beethoven and Bach's time...

Monday, December 30th, 2008

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Art Ranger World

Art Ranger World explodes on to the scene in the boisterous manner known to be Hip Hop. Art begets life, begets creation, begets a new beginning and so the story unfolds... Creative force and genius, eclectic renown artists, Ingar Aasen has birthed truly innovative and spine tingling art works that are fast becoming "must have" pieces for anyone who is a lover or fascinating about the Hip Hop culture. How this "madman" has managed to reach deep into the crevices of the profound, artistic experiences that are Hip Hop, one never knows but, he has and in such a poignant, awe inspiring way. If only I could afford a piece of his masterful craftsmanship. With this art he has given the "purveyors" of Hip Hop their own tool to tell the true story of the craft as the iconoclastic, mind bending, world/spirit changing vehicle it has become. Tracing the road back to Hip Hop's true roots (slavery), the music's original creators were never afforded the opportunities to tell their story so colorfully, so vividly, as they are now. "We have finally arrived", at a place where the art will be respected as an intricate part of world culture and not just the bastion of a tribe of renegade despots bent on being a misogynist, smoking "weed" and "pimpin' all the ho's out".

Kenny Beck

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